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Looking for Nice animators

2010-02-19 20:46:47 by funniestkid-alive

I'm really just a writer and a voice actor but i'm really creative and smart but i need some help from some animators and New Grounds is The number one place to find some,so any body can help a little bit counts
Mak R W


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2010-02-25 06:43:05

So how many animators do we have with us???
Including me, I mean. :P

funniestkid-alive responds:

well if you want to join the team we have a company we made but it was for music but we're making it brother Dan does pivot,AND THEbrawlstar a guy on youtube helped us out when i told him we needed help with animating but he doesn't think he's a good animator


2010-03-09 01:28:20

Ok dude its the guy from the tribute to Dom fera thing...

I have a couple thoughts about your idea. Since you are trying to find people and I'm not necesarily in the group yet all I can give is advice and also tell you that i would be more then happy to try to help!

Not only would this help me improve my animating, which I been wanting to do for ages, but also it will help my teamwork skills.

I just hope that you have enough creative juices to fuel me to create tons of animations and yes i believe you came to the right place to find an animator because you just did.

I might not be the best or close to it but I'l give it my 120% to learn and become food enough for the group. I currently told someone that I would help them translate some of their writting on the flash animation Air Pressure. So if you also need a Translator, If the work even gets that big which i hope it does, I would be glad to help translate.

Since this is getting kind of long i'l sum it up and give you the nice quick and dirty:

+ I can animate not well but something
+ Willing to learn
+ Want to help you
+ Can translate

- I guess i might be time limited since I am in college but that is not a huge deal

Let me know if you want my help and if you dont need me im more then happy to help guide you guys to where you want to go.

Email me at my newgrounds account
Im on in minimum weekly and i will find ur email just dont expect me to be right on point with it.

Good luck, Chris P